Are your gutter downspouts draining close to your home, around your foundation?  Maybe they are causing errosion, or you've had water in your basement.  Or, maybe you've already installed some sort of extension piece, but it's unsightly and getting in your way.  Green Boys LawnCare has a solution for you.   We can attach and run piping underground from your gutter downspouts to a catch basin in your lawn.  This will get the water away from your foundation and reduce the water velocity, preventing erosion.  The pipe won't be seen, and it's buried deep enough that you can grow grass on the lawn above.  Call or email us today to discuss your project.

New Home Builders

Have Green Boys LawnCare install the underground gutter drainage system, before the lawn goes in.  This would be a selling point to prospective home buyers, and prevent them problems down the road.  Call or email us to discuss volume discounts.


Underground gutter drains run $9 per lineal foot.  This includes materials and installation (including hauling away excess soil, and re-seeding or sodding the excavated area).  Typically about 10 lineal feet per downspout is sufficient.  Discounts for long runs.

French Drains

Or, maybe you have low spots in your lawn where water sits?  We can install a french drain to move this water to the street or a sloped location, where the water will drain away.  A French Drain consists of a sloped trench that is filled with gravel.  In the center of the trench (surrounded by gravel) is a perforated pipe (pipe has holes in it).  A few inches of top soil can even be installed on top of the gravel, so that grass can be replanted.  This way you won't even know the trench is there.  The water will filter through the thin layer of top soil, through the gravel, and into the sloped perforated pipe, where it will be drained away to a more desireable location. 

French Drains run $12 per lineal foot (this includes everything - materials and installation).  Discounts for long runs.