Green Boys LawnCare Gift Certificates

Are you running short on gift ideas?  Why not give the gift of high quality lawncare?  Whether you want to give a single service or a whole season of service - we can customize a gift certificate for you.  Gift Certificates can be purchased for a set dollar amount, or for a specific service or set of services.  Gift Certificates are good for any of the services that we offer.  Here's how it works:

Option 1 - Purchase a Gift Certificate for a Set Dollar Amount
1.) Click here, to fill out and submit the form.
2.) We'll email (or mail) your Gift Certificate right away.

Option 2 - Purchase a Gift Certificate for a Specific Service(s)
1.) Click here, to fill out and submit the form.
2.) We'll go by and take a look at the proposed work scope.
3.) We'll email (or call) you back with the price.
4.) With your OK, we'll fill out the Gift Certificate*, and email (or mail) it to you.
* Only the service(s) will appear on the Gift Certificate, so the recipient won't know what you spent on them.

Option 3 - Call us at 785-249-0121 to discuss your Gift Certificate Idea.

                                                   Gift Ideas

* Jennifer's husband John has a large lawn that he mows himself, and he enjoys doing it.  However, John works a lot of hours at work, and they have two small children.  There are times when he has trouble getting to the lawn, or feels like he isn't spending enough time with his family.  Jennifer contacts Green Boys LawnCare, and purchases a gift certificate valued at 7 lawn mowings, for John's Birthday.  This allows John to take a break and have GB LawnCare mow the lawn once a month - when he's too busy!

* Meagan's dad recently had a back surgery.  He has always taken care of his own lawn, but Meagan wants him to take it easy this year.  Meagan contacts GB LawnCare and purchases a gift certificate for the whole season of mowing for her father's lawn.  Meagan gives her dad the gift certificate as an early Father's day gift.

* Brenda's friend Donna watches her house and takes care of her pets while she's on vacation.  Brenda wants to do something for Donna, but doesn't know what to do.  She recalls Donna saying that her shrubs need to be pruned, but she really dreads doing it.  Brenda purchases a $50 gift certificate from GB LawnCare.  She labels it "For pruning your shrubs" , and gives it to Donna.