Complete Property Cleanup Services

At Green Boys LawnCare, we offer a full range of property cleanup services. Whether you need, leaves cleaned up, brush removed, tree trimming, shrub pruning, annuals or perennials cut down at the end of the season, weeds pulled or sprayed - we have the equipment and manpower to do this work efficiently, and all debris is hauled off when we are complete. We are available through the fall, winter, or anytime to perform this work for you. Let us know what we can help you with.

Leaf Cleanup Specialists!

Leaf Cleanup is one of our areas of expertise. We perform a lot of leaf cleanups in the Topeka area through the Fall and Winter, ranging from small in-town lawns to large multi-acred estates. We have tried different equipment and methods for leaf cleanup, and over time have gotten better and better at this service. Our customers are often amazed at the quality and efficiency of our work. Our leaf cleanup crew currently includes, two trucks and trailers (one to haul equipment, and one to haul leaves), 3 men, Commercial zero-turn and walk-behind mowers, a vacuum-powered cyclone rake, powerful top of the line backpack blowers, tarps, rakes, etc. Our typical method is to have two men on backpack blowers, and the other man on our 52" Ferris zero turn mower pulling the cyclone rake. The blowers get all the leaves from the landscaping, patios, street, etc., and blow them onto the lawn. The Ferris and Cyclone Rake combination, mulch and vacuum up all the leaves on the lawn. We always try to use the most efficient method of leaf cleanup, so there are other methods that we use. For instance, if you have woods behind your property, we can simply blow all the leaves into the woods (far enough back that they won't come back). We also have smaller mowers for backyards, or can blow or rake leaves onto tarps, and haul them to the trailer that way. Give your back a rest this year, call Green Boys LawnCare for your leaf cleanup needs.

More about the Cyclone Rake...

    The Cyclone Rake is a 7HP vacuum/mulcher that attaches to the mower deck discharge of our Ferris 52" cut, zero-turn riding mower.  It creates a powerful suction, that is much stronger than our mower alone...making quick work of leaves, and leaving a clean, green path wherever it goes.  And since we run our mower blades to better mulch up the leaves, your grass is getting it's last cut of the season, all in the same operation!    

So, what do we do with the debris, you might be wondering? 

   First, the mulching action of the lawnmower and the Cyclone Rake, do serve to greatly reduce the volume of debris.  However, depending on the number of trees on your property, there can still be a lot to dispose of.  For most customers, we haul all of this debris off.  However, if you have a designated place on your property where we can dump the Cyclone Rake.  You can save yourself a little money, and get some great compost material.  The leaf mulch from the Cyclone Rake decomposes quickly into good top soil




ACORNS, STICKY BALLS, PINE CONES, and just about any other unwanted lawn debris, we can vacuum up with the Cyclone Rake Hose Attachment.  It's a slower process than leaf cleanup, but much improved over hand raking.  We can also blow and rake this debris onto tarps, and haul it to the trailer.


.  If two men can lift it or roll it, and it will fit on our 20' trailer, then we can haul it off.  We now have a tractor with a loader to assist with loading.  (Dumping Fees may apply)


Cleanups are conducted on a $/hr basis.  Please call 785-249-0121, or email jr@greenboylawns for our current rates.  For your security, we have a work hard guarantee.  This means that if you don't agree we worked hard enough for our pay, then we adjust our rate to your satisfaction.  Most leaf cleanups are completed in 3 - 4.5 manhours.